Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Dark Knight

Sorry about no updates, nothing has really caught my eye lately. And unlike the rest of the world, I haven't been able to enjoy the fall movie season as I am broke.

That said, there has been a rush of action from Gotham City. The world has been graced with the first non-Internet, full-length photo of Heath Ledger as the Joker, courtesy of Empire Magazine. AICN, thanks to a Zoner, provided a scan:

More photos of Batman and the Joker surfaced on a Spanish movie news site, Uruloki. Visit the site for more.

The viral marketing team has also been busy. Not only can you read an issue of The Gotham Times, but the Joker has had his dirty way with it and published The Ha Ha HA Times. (He even took time out of his busy schedule to note his favorite Girl Scout cookies.)

Meanwhile, Harvey Dent is trying his damnedest to keep Gotham City clean and end the reign of corrupt cops. If you have a complaint or tip, he urges you to send it to We Are the Answer. Unfortunately, some good citizens have put their phone number in, only to be threatened by the mob...

That the mob is still alive and thriving in Gotham City, despite the presence of Batman, is attested by Remembering Gina.

You can also check up on interest rates at the Gotham National Bank, though Gotham City Hall is still under construction. If you're taking a trip into the city, consider taking the Gotham City Rail, construction of which was funded by Wayne Industries.

The presence of the Joker is everywhere though, and he's heavily recruiting.

The marketing has been genius. Joker cards littered California comic book stores (with no one remembering quite how they got there) and heralded our first glimpse of him. He's put up endless websites and sent fans on bounty-hunts to take photos of ghetto doorways. He attacked San Diego Comic-Con and left thousands transformed into copycats. An unfortunate hostage was forced to record endless voice mails for the passworded teaser before finally being murdered. And the Joker promised to see us again in December.

And with all that's been going on in Gotham lately, everyone feels certain that we may be getting a full trailer of The Dark Knight this month.

Until then, you can watch the teaser (a definite let down after San Diego) and hear a bit of the Joker at the end.

I can't wait. I'm not a huge Batman fan (my heart belongs to Wolverine), but this promises to be something quite brilliant.

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