Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Dark Knight, Part II

The Joker made good on his word. IMAX's showings of "I Am Legend" will carry a 6 minute prologue from The Dark Knight, and anyone wanting a detailed description of said prologue can check it out on Ain't It Cool News. It might be worth waiting to see on the IMAX screen though.

Meanwhile, the Joker made another viral attack. Really smart geeks who found his want ad in The Gotham Times were sent the following:

The story goes a little something like this: people (myself included) who had sent an email to humanresources@whysoserious.com in regard to the job posting printed in The Gotham Times received this email last night,

Heads up, clown! Tomorrow means that there's one last shifty step left in the interview process:


Take one shifty step right on your keyboard and "arwoeufgryo" becomes "steprightup."
At noon EST Tuesday, www.whysoserious.com/steprightup went live, featuring 22 addresses across the U.S. and instructions to pick up a package for "Robin Banks." Turns out all the addresses were bakeries and the packages were cakes with a message written in icing instructing them to call a certain phone number.
Participants who picked up a cake and called the number then found that their cakes were ringing. Digging into the cakes, they found evidence bags containing a cell phone, charger, Joker playing card, and a note. The note told them to call a specific number using the provided cell phone; the number provided a voice message stating "now we know who you are" and queued the site to remove that bakery's address from the running. Cell phone recipients then received a text message from "Joker" saying he'd "call them... eventually."

Once all the cakes had been claimed the teaser poster and screening registration were revealed.

One of these bakeries was here in Denver, which just kills me. Clearly, I lack a criminal mind.

Here's the teaser poster, linked from the Joker's very domain.

The viral campaign has been better scripted than X-Men 3 was. How can the movie be bad?!

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